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sp;You may be surprise▓d to know that th▓e best pizzas in the world a▓re not made▓ by the inv▓entors in Italy, nor by the Am▓erican fast f▓ood franchises, t▓hey are French. ▓That's acco▓rding to the▓ org

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anizers ▓of the Pizza and P▓asta Expo h▓eld in Paris on Wednesday. The group brought together the country's best pizza makers and pitted them against a few candidates from the rest of the▓ world. In t

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he▓ end, the Fren▓ch chefs came out on top. Following several regional and national roun▓ds, and cop▓ious amounts of toma▓to sauce, Rabah ▓Zaoui was crowned t▓he champion▓. Typically ▓French, th▓e chef fr

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om Carcassonne said the secret to his success was in the dough. Rabah Zaoui,▓ French pizza champion, said, "For a good pizza, you have to have good d▓ough. For me the dough is very important▓. At lea

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st I think so. I would compare it ▓to a saucepan th▓at is going to hold an ingredient that I've prepared. So with a ▓good quality ▓dough you make a good pizza." ▓Jury member Patrick Asfaux agreed that▓ the key was a ▓solid base. ▓And since he i▓s a Michelin-starre▓d chef himself, he▓ should know. Patr▓ick Asfaux, member o▓f jury, said, "We're always looking ▓for originali▓ty. Most of the pizzas we see aren't like the ones you see on television, wh▓ere you see the dough rising with lots of ye▓ast, becaus▓e really pizza is m▓erely water with salt and▓ yeast. After you have those things, you can ▓work wonders." Fran?/p>

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坈e is the se▓cond biggest cons▓umer of pizza in the world after the USA - even a▓head of the It▓alian inventors. The industry is worth three million euros a ▓year with an averag▓e of ten kil▓ograms of pizza consumed ▓every year by ea▓ch person in Fra▓nce - ten times the amount o▓f hamburge

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rs eaten.▓BEIJING, March 22 -- The cities▓ of Chengdu and Chongqing ar▓e famous for their different kinds of hot pots a▓nd there are endle▓ss arguments about which one i▓s more delicious▓ or spicier. I▓t will only take ▓56 minutes by train ▓for people from Che▓ngdu to eat ▓hot pot in C▓hongqing

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when the high-speed r▓ailway linking th▓e two cities is ▓completed in a few years. Construction is slated to start this year.▓ The "one hour circle" is part ▓of the plan for the Chengdu-Chon▓gqing Econo▓mic Zone, and the overall deve▓lopment project▓ will be approved b▓y the central▓ governm

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